Did a month without alcohol help me sleep better?

Finding something you truly enjoy doing has tremendous benefits on your mental health. It’s also a great place to direct your mental energies that may otherwise be spent unproductively at night ruminating or worrying.

Done With Alcohol? Here’s How To Stop Drinking – Health Essentials

Done With Alcohol? Here’s How To Stop Drinking.

Posted: Thu, 02 Mar 2023 11:30:00 GMT [source]

can’t sleep without alcoholoving alcohol, even just for a month, can have a cascading effect. Research shows that successfully changing one behavior boosts confidence and self-efficacy, which can prompt you to make more healthy changes.

Practice Good Sleep Hygiene

Binge drinking occurswhen a man has five drinks, or a woman has four drinks within two hours. This pattern of drinking is linked to insomnia, which can develop after binging.One studyon binge drinking and insomnia found that people who binged two days a week had an 84% higher chance of having insomnia. When a person has sleep apnea, they have interrupted breathing during the night. The condition is linked to fatigue as well as serious cardiovascular conditions like heart attack and stroke. Drinking to fall asleep can cause or worsen some health issues over time.

How do I get my body back to normal after a night of drinking?

  1. Get Some Sleep. While sleeping late won't physically flush alcohol out of your system, it's a good step toward getting your body back to normal.
  2. Drink Lots of Fluids.
  3. Get Food In Your Body.
  4. Sweat the Alcohol Out.

They’re also a big hit with police, who are busy dealing with drunk mayhem outside of regular bars, while the kava bar attendees enjoy relaxed conversation. For people that quit drinking and can’t sleep… I’m SUPER PUMPED to tell you about Sleep Supportbecause it’s an easy and affordable way to consume many of my favorite sleep-inducing nutrients.

What Type of Magnesium is Best For You?

While we can make exceptions for a warm tea or a glass of milk, it’s imperative that you don’t replace one addiction with another. It may seem unlikely, but insomnia can be one of the most frustrating experiences and can and does drive people to rely on substances even when they shouldn’t. This includes over the counter medications, prescription drugs that have addictive properties, or other consumable products like CBD, or cannabis.


In addition to the alcohol dose consumed, the basal (i.e., normal) level of SWS in the study population appeared to be the most likely factor determining whether SWS was increased. For example, in a study of insomniacs who had lower amounts of SWS than did healthy people when taking a placebo–a typical finding in insomniacs–SWS increased when they consumed alcohol (Roehrs et al. 1999). Conversely, alcohol did not affect SWS in a group of age-matched healthy control subjects. Drinking before bed is also linked with more slow-wave sleep patterns called delta activity, but alpha activity, which indicates wakefulness with eyes closed and often precedes sleep, is turned on at the same time. Experiencing these two brain wave activities at the same time is thought to inhibit quality rest. Additionally, alcohol inhibits REM sleep, which is often considered the most mentally restorative phase of sleep.


Falling asleep and getting a full night’s rest are real problems that need to be managed effectively to maintain sobriety. Thankfully, sleeping without alcohol is an achievable goal if you follow several recommended strategies.

sleep without alcohol

When using https://ecosoberhouse.com/, the longer you go without it before going to bed, the better your sleep will be. One study on the topic recommends abstaining from alcohol six or more hours11before going to sleep for the best results. Alcohol may help you initially get to sleep, but is not recommended as a sleep aid because it actually worsens the overall quality of your sleep. There are many FDA-approved sleep aids7that can help people get to sleep and sleep better, but many of these do not ultimately address the underlying problems that make it difficult to get to sleep. However, certain food groups also have benefits when it comes to helping with the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms and detoxification. Multiple relaxation methodscan be used to help you wind down and fall asleep.

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  • Insomnia after alcohol withdrawal may, in some cases, persist for months or years.
  • She brings over 15 years of marketing and PR experience, with a strong background in leading communications strategy for addiction treatment and behavioral healthcare facilities.
  • Some guides and articles feature links to other relevant Sleep Foundation pages.
  • There are many other lifestyle strategies for insomnia such as yoga, meditation, and sauna or steamroom therapy.
  • Breathing problems —Since alcohol’s sedative effect extends to your entire body, including your muscles, it may allow your airway to close more easily while you’re asleep.

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