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At the same time, the Bearish Engulfing pattern was formed with a big bearish candle after the green one that caused a breakout. That was a strong reversal signal confirmed by the rising Volumes indicator. The Forex market is the largest and the most liquid market in the world, with 6 trillion dollars worth of transactions performed on a daily basis. If you can master volume analysis, a lot of new trading opportunities can emerge. Using a volume trading strategy Forex traders can improve their win rates and become more consistent traders. If you trade stocks, you have the information about the volumes of trading provided by a stock exchange.

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On the initial breakout from a range or other chart pattern, a rise in volume indicates strength in the move. Little change in volume or declining volume on a breakout indicates a lack of interest and a higher probability for a false breakout. While that trading strategy can be useful, another innovative way to use this indicator is to trade divergences with it. For instance, you look for where the indicator is forming higher lows when the price is forming lower lows. Many forex traders rely on volumes when looking for the optimum trade entry positions, which is a good thing. The more the volume, the more volatile the pair is going to be, and the more trading opportunities there will be.

We specialize in teaching of all skill levels how to trade stocks, options, forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and more. We provide content for over 100,000+ active followers and over 2,500+ members. Our mission is to address the lack of good information for market traders and to simplify trading education by giving readers a detailed plan with step-by-step rules to follow. In the forex market, volume is less centralized and is typically measured based on the total value of all currency pairs traded in a given period. Smart money always seeks to mask its trading activities, but its footprints are still visible.

Using a horizontal volume is an efficient tool that will help you make wise trading decisions in the financial markets. Price reversals can often be spotted with help from the Volume indicator. This can occur after a long price move either higher or lower, when there is little price movement, but heavy volume. The type of occurrence can indicate a potential reversal and change in the price’s direction.

What Trading Signals Can Be Provided by Volume?

Now, we shall explore the horizontal volume and how it is displayed in the trading terminals. Well, trading volume indicates the market activity and the liquidity traded at a particular level. As a rule, an individual trader has limited financial resources and the amount of time he/she can spend on the market analysis to decide to buy or sell.

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There are no top volume indicators for FX traders that can give you a 100% guarantee that your next trade will be successful, which is why it’s important to use other tools too. If the close price of the current candlestick is higher than that of the previous one, the current volume is added to the previous OBV and the line goes up. If the current candlestick close price is lower than of the previous one, the current volume is subtracted from the previous OBV making the indicator go down. It’s assumed that OBV changes precede price changes, so it can provide signals. In that case, it is possible to manage to record result of transactions. Volume indeed cannot be calculated based on the number of contracts traded and the size of those contracts since Forex market is decentralized by its nature.

Questions about Volume Indicators

The areas where the price is trading with high volumes may represent significant obstacles on the way of the price and, consequently, good entry and exit level for traders. For exchange − traded assets − of course, when accessing relevant information − the Volume indicator will analyze volume (but not quantity!) really traded contracts. Each moving average is a combination of an EMA, SMA, HMA, RMA, WMA and VWMA with the same length as set in your input settings. All 6 of them are added together and then divided by 6 for an average of all of them.

  • For instance, you can gain more accuracy when you combine the Volume Profile indicator with price action knowledge.
  • You should consider whether you understand how ᏟᖴᎠs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.
  • This volume trading strategy uses two very powerful techniques that you won’t see written anywhere else.
  • You can also use it in trend following and to find reversals.
  • The Chaikin Money Flow indicator was developed by trading guru Marc Chaikin, who was coached by the most successful institutional investors in the world.
  • Strong trading signal of the reversal is traditionally considered as the situation of divergence of the indicator histogram and price chart.

A tick is any single change or movement in the quote up or down. MetaTrader measures the number of ticks during a single period of time. Thus it’s possible to see how actively the market traded in particular moments. In other words, we don’t know whether there were 500 or 500,000 orders within a certain period, but we know how many ticks the price moved.

The material has not been prepared in accordance with legal requirements designed to promote the independence of investment research. Although City Index is not specifically prevented from dealing before providing this material, City Index does not seek to take advantage of the material prior to its dissemination. This material is not intended for distribution to, or use by, any person in any country or jurisdiction where such distribution or use would be contrary to local law or regulation. Projected Volume at Time – looks back at past sessions to project future volume over specified time periods.

Forex volume indicators for MT4 and cTrader

Traders use volume to determine liquidity and to make trading decisions. If you do go short, be sure to watch out for a bounce around the primary volume support. The MFI is a technical oscillator which identifies overbought or oversold areas. If the stock closes higher today than it did yesterday, then all of the day’s volume is considered up volume. If the stock closes lower today than it did yesterday, then the volume is considered down volume.

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Volume traders will look for instances of increased buying or selling orders. They also pay attention to current price trends and potential price movements. On the one hand, volume simply measures how much a given currency pair has traded over any given period of time. Volume is used to measure the strength and weakness of a trend. As a general rule, a strong trend should be accompanied by rising volume. At the same time, a sharp rise in volume can also signal the potential end of a trend.

The Klinger Oscillator is a technical indicator that combines prices movements with volume. The indicator uses divergence and crossovers to generate trade signals. However, intraday raiders aren’t the only ones that can draw some honey from the beehive of these indicators. Perhaps, one of the standout uses of the Weiswave indicator is the way it clearly signals potential reversals. When you notice that the height of each wave is shorter than the previous ones, this might be a sign that your current trend is weakening and a reversal might happen soon.

If picks up upon the break of that consolidation pattern , then the volume is confirming a higher chance of a sustainable breakout. The volume in the Forex market is segmented, which is the reason why we need to use our best volume indicator. Tick Volume is the total number of transactions that has taken place not the dollar amount. You can take advantage of analyzing the strength of a trend based on volume activity. There is a thing called “median volume” that needs to be determined before traders can place a trade after looking at the volume chart.

Volume data can be accessed through various trading platforms and data providers. However, keep in mind that forex volume is decentralized and not reported by a central exchange, so it may be less reliable than volume data in other markets. No trading strategy works in all market conditions, and volume-based strategies are no exception. However, they can be particularly useful in trending markets. On the other hand, if the cash flow and trading volumes decrease– we see a “bearish divergence”, meaning that it will likely be an appropriate time to sell. The math behind this volume trading strategy indicator is a bit complex, but it’s not required to really know all the ins and outs to use the CMF indicator successfully.

Similarly, the yellow represent rising volume on the downtrend while the red bars signify falling volume on the downtrend. Your sell orders should come in when the first few yellow bars appear. With a volume indicator, you can filter out signals with a higher probability from others. While no single indicator is right 100% of the time, the best volume indicator for you is the one that helps you reliably find quality entry and exit points.

You should look to buy when the first few blue lines appear above the midline. The category of traders who may enjoy the VWAP indicator best are the intraday traders. Another standout feature of this indicator is that it allows you to customize the range period of the lines. By default, the range period is 1 day, but you can edit this to a weekly, monthly, or even 15-minute basis. This feature makes it perfect for all kinds of trading styles across all timeframes.

For example, when the open and close of a bullish candle are both higher than the previous bullish candle, there could be just a wick or a gap between the two candles. This area is filled with a golden box and extended for 100 bars. Make sure that you incorporate the OBV into a comprehensive trading strategy with tested rules for entering and exiting your trades. So far, we have discussed using this indicator in the context of trending markets. Much of the time, you will notice that the OBV line and price move in approximately the same direction.

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