Gaming YouTubers have had their likenesses stolen and sold as NFTs

Henson is one of the most overlooked artists in my eyes, the amount of people he has reached through his characters and storytelling is nothing short of impressive. He has impacted my work by demonstrating how following an idea to its end can be potentially not just impactful on you but many others. The experience was surreal, the day was intense but overall a great memory. I felt like an imposter at times as all of the people making it happen were all there just for me and my art. That’s like my top pillar stone, because my dad lost his job due to COVID last year, and that puts things into perspective.

Rarible – A large NFT marketplace that has a focus on art collections, including books, music albums, digital art, and movies. The other way to create rarity would be to follow a similar method to that of popular collections like CryptoPunks, Bored Apes, Doodles, and Moonbords. Rather than come up with a completely novel idea for each token, the creators of these projects simply introduce slight variations to each avatar. Since none of them are identical, each one has its own distinct value that attracts investors. As for NFTs, it’s important to note that some tokens have a specific use case on the blockchain.

  • For instance, only 5% of Bored Apes have red fur, and 3% sport a biker vest.
  • Bret Hart’s four tier drop goes on sale on July 5th, 4pm ET while Jim Cornette’s are available now.
  • That way, you can assess the quality of your work compared to theirs before setting a realistic price.
  • 100% of the web proceeds shall be donated to the World Central Kitchen together with a donation of $10,000 USD from the Lengthy Boi Gang.
  • Slim Jim has used Dogecoin to grow his social media following while pursuing the Doing Only Good Everyday philosophy.

Slim Jim doesn’t have plans to launch a Doge product line in stores or online at this time but promises a limited run auction at a later date. With Bret Hart being indisputably one of the industry biggest household names and with Jim Cornette’s ever-growing growing reach and extremely passionate fanbase, these rare, first-time-ever collectibles will be in high demand. Make sure you register your interest today to avoid missing out on these historic collectibles. Fans and collectors will have the opportunity to own a piece of Hart’s historic first venture into the world of Non-Fungible Token digital collectibles.


When everything’s tied up into a big knotted ball, you’ve just got to put it to one side and go have a fucking burger or something. You realize it’s not the be-all end-all, like we live on a fucking floating rock in space. It’s like whatever happens, fucking happens really, at the end of the day. It’s alright, nothing’s going to happen to you that badly which can’t be figured out. With the rise of NFT artwork over the past year, many artists have floated my way through the Twitter content rivers.

NFTs by Slim Jim

Galactic-themed NFT artwork featuring the iconic Shiba Inu DOGE will be auctioned off on OpenSea. The company will donate 100% of net proceeds to World Class Kitchen along with a $10,000 donation. World Central Kitchen is a non-profit that uses food to help communities through times of crisis. This is weird, though, because it’s still an Internet image. You can save the ape image to your computer by right-clicking it. There’s also no reason why we couldn’t have multiple complicated codes that take us to the same image.

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The meat-snack maker has filed for licences under the names ‘Slim Jim’, ‘Meataverse’, and ‘Long Boi Gang’. The company, that was introduced in 1928, is now looking to bring ‘services featuring virtual goods, food products, and non-fungible tokens ’ for the metaverse. People will be allowed to buy, sell, trade, and collect Slim Jim food products in the virtual universe. “Today we can purchase a digital piece of art, music or video which has value in and of itself. However, imagine if we could sell NFT’s to invest into impact projects, offering the opportunity for ongoing financial and non-financial returns, making the NFT a living thing? He thinks the functionality of NFT’s is only just starting to be explored.

I think Mario, that’s probably one of my top ones, and Shigeru Miyamoto and design philosophy, and all of the characters from Mario and their design. How they’ve withstood time, that’s like one of my top ones, and game mechanics and just bashing the fundamentals into it. Jim Henson as well, the Muppets and Sesame Street and that sort of design philosophy, and even how he was as a guy and what he wanted to teach kids. I think the two are big influences on how I want to make stuff.

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